Borne of chaos taint mutating a species of xenos rat at an unknown location, the Skavenite have lurked in the dark corners of the galaxy for a relatively short time, and yet still longer then most would expect. Their growth is equally startling, taking only five millenia to reach their current level of technology.

Skavenite EvolutionEdit

Skavenite AppearanceEdit


WS 2d10+
BS 2d10+
Str 2d10+
Tgh 2d10+
Agi 2d10+
Int 2d10+
Per 2d10+
Will 2d10+
Fel 2d10+
Wounds 1d5+


d10 1-4 5-8 9-10
Fate Points 1 2 3

Skavenite CareersEdit

Skavenites may take the following Career Paths:

Skavenite SkillsEdit

Skavenite TraitsEdit

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