Used exclusively by psykers, these weapons combine archeotech circuitry pattern with rare psycho-reactive crystals to channel their mental power into deadly, reality rending force.

Force weapons can take many forms, and comprise several specialized variants, but are largely restricted to swords, staves, and axes. Any melee weapon with the Primitive Quality can be a Force weapon, and increases its Availability to Extremely Rare. Unless wielded by a psyker, Force weapons simply count as normal weapons of their type and are not considered to have the Force Quality.

In the hands of a wielder with a Psy Rating, their true power is revealed. For every point of Psy Rating the wielder has, the weapon’s Damage and Penetration increase by +1. For example, a Force Sword wielded by a character with Psy Rating 3 would inflict 1d10+3 (plus SB) and have a Penetration of 3. If the weapon possesses the Primitive Quality, it loses this Quality. Force weapons cannot be destroye by a power weapon’s field.

In addition to normal Damage, whenever a psyker Damages an opponent, he may, as a Free Action, channel psychic force and killing will into the blade. This requires a Focus Power Test using Opposed Willpower. For every Degree of Success, the Force weapon’s wielder deals an additional 1d10 E Damage, ignoring the victim’s Armour and Toughness Bonus.

Force Weapons also ignore the effects of the Incorporeal and The Stuff of Nightmares traits, and ignore the Toughness Bonus granted by the Daemonic and Daemon Engine traits