Beastmen PCsEdit

Dark Heresy:

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Wnd
2d10+25 2d10+20 2d10+30 2d10+20 2d10+20 2d10+15 2d10+20 2d10+15 2d10+10 1d10+8

Rogue Trader: Weapon Skill +5, Strength +5, Fellowship -5.

Wound: 1d5+2+(TBx2)

Fate Points:

1-8 1
9-10 2

Starting Skills: Beastmen from the day of their birth to the day that they die are driven by their animal instincts to survive. All Beastmen characters gain Survival and Awareness as trained basic skills.

Starting Traits:


Beastmen are abhumans that over time have taken on a far more bestial appearance. Dependent on the fauna that have inhabited these worlds that the early humans have settled they will take on the traits of it's natives.

Effect: Roll once on the below table. You will gain that beast trait and gain the bonuses and penalties stated

1-25 Crocodilian/ You take on the form of a reptile. Your body is scaley and cold. You are also an adept hunter. You gain the traits gain Natural Armour 3, and the Natural Weapons (Bite and Claws). You also get tracking as an untrained basic skill. However reduce your Agility by -10.
26-50 Minotaur/ You are a large bull-like creature. You are stubborn and hot tempered. Those who have tempted you have seen their end at your massive horns. You gain the traits Brutal Charge, Natural Weapons (Horns), and Unnatural Strength (x2). You gain the Frenzy talent, but you reduce your Intelligence by -10.
51-75 Bear/ you were brought up in a cold environment. You had to forage and scavenge your food. Though you are largely docile you can also be very tempermental. You gain the traits Unnatural Toughness (x2), Size (Hulking), Natural Weapons (Claws and Bite), and Quadraped. You gain the Resistance cold talent as well. Your environment has cost you some of your senses so you take a -10 penalty to Perception

Wolfen/ Your upbringing taught you that working as a group will lead to more success than going alone. You are an apex predator and a master strategist. You gain the traits Natural Weapon (Bite), Unnatural Sense (15m), and Unnatural Perception (x2). You gain Tracking, and Navigation (Surface) as basic untrained skills. You also gain the Double Team talent. You take -10 to your Strength however but gain +10 to your Fellowship.

King of the Beasts

Beastmen have conquered their homeworlds rising to the top of the food chain and out surpassing even the natives of their planets. Because of that many of their former adversaries will gladly take up and help a Beastman

Effect: You gain Wrangling as an untrained basic skill

Less Than Human

Regardless of their human ancestry, most beastmen are shunned and looked down upon. They are seen by many as little more than mutant scum who are already eligible for slaughter for their corruption. Even without this, beastmen are still terrifying individuals to the normal Imperial citizen.

Effect: You take a -10 penalty to interaction tests to speak to Imperial citizens that you are not familiar with. You do however gain a +10 bonus to any Intimidation tests against anyone.

To Die For the Emperor or Burn In Chaos

Beastmen constantly face the struggle of the lure of chaos and many indeed fall to it. Those who don't however are among some of the most zealous fighters in the name of the Emperor. They believe they must cleanse themselves in the eyes of the Emperor by destroying his enemies.

Effect: You gain the talents Hatred (Heretics) and Flagellant. Whenever you take a test for malignancy or mutation, the beastman takes a -10 penalty when rolling the test. They also gain double the normal corruption points they would otherwise in situations where corruption points would be given.

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